Aux Dsp 100db Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Bluetooth 4.0 Soundbar

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Aux Dsp 100db Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Bluetooth 4.0 Soundbar

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TV audio system SOUNDBAR of Edifier, with new dental monitoring wireless technology 4.0, digital audio processing point DSP, input terminal connection with complete specification, 3D cinema, news, three modes of sound field and power without distortion 70W, level of sound pressure 100DB, shock thumb sound effect, enjoy the video and audio acoustic setting a high standard, shocking sound effectB3 adopts the acoustic configuration of high-profile 4 medium low units + 2 tweeters Juanjuan membrane with varying curvature, any frequency reversing hole and a special material cavity low frequency can soak up at least 60Hz under maximum power, volume can reach incredible 100DB, which can meet the 50 square meters of living spaceserious average unit in the aluminum bowl, good transient responseB3 is equipped with a low average unit Edifier 70 mm using a metal pelvis, abdomen with a large size to be energized and the medium and sophisticated hikersThe method of adjustment of the hi-fi speakers is rated accurately DSP for unexpected sound effectssilk film treble, sweet and transparentThe B3 treble system adopts a silk film dome tweeter 19 mm of walker with a design "cat's eye". The sound is round and round and the silk is in the ear. The treble is clear and transparentThe brand new digital audio DSP has a strong heart, and B3 uses the digital audio processing DSP technology, which is more refined in number of bits and sound quality.The dual power amplifier has not distorted power of 70 W. The B3 adopts digital power amplifier high power TAS5707. The undistorted output power of the whole machine can reach 19WX2 16W 2 + Treble Zhong Renyin. The total power of 70W RMS is 70W, which is powerful and mighty.CSR Bluetooth module 4.0, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module high quality B3 built the famous manufacturer CSR, the transmission distance is more than 10 meters, you can easily connect phones and tablets, you can enjoy high quality music without turning on the TVmultichannel input interface, all types of equipment are includedThe B3 has four sets of wired input interfaces, including an optical fiber, coaxial, a line and an AUX, which can be connected to various audio sources such as set-top boxes, TV video game consoles and Blu-ray players while eliminating the need to change the connection to access different devices complex operationsThree sound field modes with different scenes are more realisticB3 has three modes of sound field, Film, News and 3D (Surround Sound) .For different playback scenarios, you can choose as you like and the scene is more realistic.material housing consists of high strength, more stable performanceThe B3 housing uses PA6 nylon material in fiberglass, used only in cars, and is integrally formed. Compared with standard ABS material, has increased strength and can greatly reduce the resonance and the sound of the box to ensure the authenticity of the sound.Automatic Hold, energy saving low carbonB3 specially designed standby function automtica.Se the audio source device currently connected are in a situation no signal or low volume (including the sound of the audio source, program end, the audio source device is in a silent menu interface etc.) for more than 10 minutes, the B3 will automatically switch to standby mode to reduce power consumption and save energy; if the sound source is turned on again, there will be no sound and then restart it by thermostat.Appearance concise house fusion more harmonious designThe B3 control buttons are positioned on the side, and more convenient operation also ensures a simple appearance and clear side panels of brushed metal, metal buttons with matte finish, integrated emblems, suspension and placement installation methods, more harmonious home.

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