Cordless Electric Facial Threading Hair Removal For Women, Rechargeable Face Hair Remover Cotton Thread Epilator For Fast Removing Very Fine Vellus Ha

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Cordless Electric Facial Threading Hair Removal For Women, Rechargeable Face Hair Remover Cotton Thread Epilator For Fast Removing Very Fine Vellus Ha

Cordless Electric Facial Threading Hair Removal For Women, Rechargeable Face Hair Remover Cotton Thread Epilator For Fast Removing Very Fine Vellus Ha

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Product DescriptionAbout ThreadingThreading is an ancient beauty art of hair removal that's originated in Eastern thousands of years ago. It is now becoming popular in many salons that's commonly used to shape and neaten eyebrows and faces. Many also choose threading to remove peach fuzz (vellus hair) to get extra smoothness level of skin, because peach fuzz is notoriously difficult to remove due to its fine texture. It's so fine that most hair removal methods such as laser and waxing don't work.Cordless Electric Facial Threading Hair RemovalIn threading, using a thin pure cotton thread doubled and twisted in hands, then rolling over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair from the root, which requires skill or a trained cosmetologist or esthetician. But now, our electric threading hair removal device, integrated innovation of modern technology, provides a very easy way for threading facial hair with just one hand at home without any training.Mainly used on entire face include upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, forehead and eyebrows, also used on neck, women arms and legs.We don't recommend green hand to use it on eyebrows as it requires skills to shape eyebrows.Effective and fast to remove very fine vellus hair and peach fuzz to get extra smoothness skin.Better choice for those who have sensitive skin and suffer from breakouts as the 100% natural cotton thread is less irritating skin.CANNOT be used for very thick hair such as mens leg hair.Warm tipsFor personal hygiene, please replace the cotton thread every time when you use it.Please install the thread a little loose to make sure the machine has enough space to run. (Note: just a little loose, if install too loose, the thread may come out of the spring when working.)Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from grease. Do not use any cream before you start threading.Threading is easier just after taking a bath or shower. Make sure your skin is dry when you start threading.When you use the threading device for the first time, we advise you to try it out on an area with only light hair growth to get accustomed to the threading process.As the hairs are removed by the root, threading may cause some skin discomfort the first few times you use the threading epilator. This effectgradually diminishes when you use the threading device more often. Regrowth tends to be softer both in appearance and to the touch.After threading, you can apply a mild cream or lotion to help reduce possible skin irritation. This makes your skin feel smoother and gives you a fresh sensation. Do not use lotions that contain alcohol.Caution & warningsDo not use the threading device when charging. Do not use it if it is damaged.To prevent damage and injuries, keep the running device away from scalp hair, eyelashes, clothes, threads, cords, brushes etc.Do not use the device on irritated skin or skin with varicose veins, rashes, spots, moles (with hairs) or wounds without consulting your doctor first. People with a reduced immune response, or people who suffer from diabetes mellitus, haemophilia or immunodeficiency should also consult their doctor first.Your skin may become a little red and irritated the first few times you use the epilator. This phenomenon is normal and quickly disappears. As you use the threading device more often, your skin gets used to epilation, skin irritation decreases and regrowth becomes thinner and softer. If the irritation has not disappeared within three days, we advise you to consult a doctor.This threading device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the device by a person responsible for their safety.Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the threading device.

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