1. Fruugo customer care
  2. Cancelling your order

Cancelling your order

If you wish to change or cancel your order you will need to log into your Fruugo account or create an account and raise your enquiry direct with the retailer by clicking on the following link:


For assistance with creating an account or raising an enquiry, see How do I raise an enquiry about an order?

It may not always be possible to cancel or change your order and the retailer will advise you if they have been able to do this. If they are not able to cancel or update your order, or if your order has already been shipped, then you will need to wait for the delivery and then return the goods in line with our Returns & Refunds policy.

You have the right to return goods up to the end of a period 14 calendar days after you take possession of the goods (or in the case of a multiple order, the last part of the order) but please note that you would be responsible for the return postage costs.