Monocular Telescopes, 10-300x40mm Super Telezoom Monocular Telescope

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Monocular Telescopes, 10-300x40mm Super Telezoom Monocular Telescope

Monocular Telescopes, 10-300x40mm Super Telezoom Monocular Telescope

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1. 300x40 monocular 30mm lens diameter, it can better help you see clear landscapes, which are very conducive to outdoor activities such as sightseeing, hunting, bird watching, adventure, etc.^ 2. Waterproof Fold monocular telescope has a completely sealed structure in the lens barrel. We passed various rigorous waterproof tests to ensure the telescope's interior would not fog up and water in low temperature and humidity environments.^ 3. 4-prism and multi-layer coating: 4-prism and multi-layer coating: Both the eyepiece and the objective lens use a high-quality all-optical BAK4 prism + broadband green film with a light transmission of up to 98%, with which you can aim in high Observe definition, get the brightness and color and can improve image recovery level.^ 4. Raise focus wheel + eyepiece design The focus wheel can quickly adjust the center and surrounding parts of the image to the overall high-resolution condition, thereby avoiding partial blurring of the image. Liftable eyepieces are suitable for people with normal eyesight and nearsightedness.^ 5. High-quality components The surface is provided with a finely matted texture that can effectively prevent slippage and sweat. The side of the mirror body has a strong strap hole that can be worn on the chest and worn on the chest, which is more convenient for long distance carrying.^

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