Superself, Pure Shilajit Resin, 20 Grams

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Superself, Pure Shilajit Resin, 20 Grams

Superself, Pure Shilajit Resin, 20 Grams

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- READY TO USE - Any authentic shilajit gets soft and sticky when warm and hardens when cool. For this reason, it can be difficult to get a dose at first. Warm the jar gently in a bowl of hot water before use. Using a small spoon, take out a dose (approx. the size of a pea) and dissolve it in warm water or herbal tea. - NATURAL AND PURE - Ethically harvested at high altitude (over 15,000ft), SuperSelf shilajit is carefully purified and packaged to retain the potency of this unique natural substance. Believed to be created by the slow fermentation of plants over centuries, shilajit resin has a tar-like consistency and falvour, and is used in numerous traditional practices. - NO ADDITIVES - Of the highest grade and manufactured under strict standards, SuperSelf shilajit contains no additives or bulking agents Ð only the natural pure shilajit. Suitable for vegans, it is rich in minerals, fulvic and humic acids, which help metabolize proteins and vitamins. - A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Shilajit is a potent traditional supplement, taken in tiny doses. A daily dose is 0.1g, so each 20g jar contains 200 servings. A routine of daily use for 2 months, followed by a 2-week break is recommended. Shilajit dissolves in warm water but has a strong taste so herbal tea may be preferred.

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